International Yoga Day 2024

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Showcase your favorite yoga poses, tag @yogifi.india, and stand a chance to win exciting prizes and a free AI-powered smart yoga mat worth ₹15k!

What is YogiFi?

YogiFi is the world's first smart yoga mat, equipped with an AI-powered companion app. It combines the ancient wisdom of Yoga with modern technology, offering real-time feedback during interactive yoga sessions.

YogiFi Smart Mat


Step-by-Step Instructions

Follow guided yoga sessions with clear, step-by-step instructions to master complex postures

Posture Correction

Receive real-time corrections to ensure your alignment and posture are perfect.

Expert-Led Content

Access a library of yoga programs led by professional instructors from therapy to mindful meditation.

Real-Time Feedback

Get immediate audio and visual feedback to adjust your poses and improve your practice.


How to Win YogiFi Smart Mat?

  1. Follow: Follow us on Instagram @yogifi.india
  2. Post: Share a picture or reel of your yoga practice and tag us
  3. Hashtag: Use the hashtag #YogiFiAsana in your post
  4. Engage: Like and comment on other participants' posts as well as @yogifi.india posts

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